Little Baby Lemon Trees

The beginnings of lemon trees..


I was surprised how quickly these little guys rooted!

Lemons are not cheap and I really enjoy making homemade lemonade. Getting my own lemon trees growing seems the only logical choice. So; I youtube’d how to get lemons growing and started with the last lemon in my kitchen I had just sliced open.

I thought I cold just drop the seeds in soil, but I learned that they have a sort of husk around them that has to be peeled off. Then the seeds need to grow roots. THEN you can plant them in soil. They grew their little roots wrapped up in a wet paper towel, wrapped up in a plastic bag for 2–3 weeks. I opened up and was so pleased that 4 of the 6 seeds successfully grew their little roots. They were so tiny, so cute.

I planted them in pots, 1 seed each in the smaller pots and 2 seeds in the medium sized pot in the middle. I did this just two days ago and the little guys have already grown in their pots. The photo is from today. I look forward to watching them little lemon-guys grow big. I know I’m quite a ways away from lemon fruit bearing tree, but half the fun is watching it grow.. for me anyway. 🙂

I’ll post an update on the lemon-guys when they get a bit bigger.


Thanks for reading,