Oktoberfest 2016 in Big Bear, CA

2016 is the 46th annual Oktoberfest in Big Bear, California. Wanting to do something different and escape the 100+ heat of our city, we decided to take a drive up to the mountains with an appetite for good beer and some lunch.

In Big Bear, California, the temperature was a good thirty degrees lower and it felt heavenly!

It’s $9.00 per adult to get in. You wear a paper band around your wrist if you plan to imbibe, and you have to purchase drink tickets. There are several places to get beer and plenty of different varieties. I traded my ticket in for some Pumpkin Ale that was quite yummy. There are a couple of food stands that accept cash. I ordered a veggie burger, my husband ordered a sriracha bratwurst sandwich and we shared some fries. The meals were alright and filling!

We walked around the festival for a while afterwards, mostly vendor booths for shopping and then sat inside the convention hall to listen to some traditional  German music and watch some dancing. They had a log cutting contest that was entertaining as well.

The Oktoberfest was much smaller than I thought it would be, and if not for the vendors, there really wouldn’t be much else to do but have lunch and listen to music. I remember seeing an electric bull, but nobody rode it that we saw. Oh, there was a bouncy house too, and a big screen TV set up outside for the football fans.

It’s a cute little fair, something different to do for a few hours. I think it runs for 8 weeks and probably something the locals look forward to. It was a little far for us (an hour drive) and up some really windy roads that always give my stomach a spin. Ugh. I’m glad we checked it out though. Fall is officially here in three days, Yay!

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