Water Gardening Demonstration

I started water gardening a couple of months ago and have been enjoying some success with it so far. I like the simple, fresh look of it and I think it appeals to my minimalist side.

I’ve been using clear glass jars for the  most part, tap water and pebbles for added color/decor in some. That’s it. Some people will say that distilled water works best, but I haven’t seen any issues with plain old tap water yet. I do change the water out every 2-4 days or just when it looks like it needs it.

I took some photos to show off the healthy look of the plants, but to also show how well the roots are doing, especially in the Pothos. The Herbs in water are just getting started, so the roots are still very small and harder to see.

I plan to pot the herbs (Mint and Basil) and the Red Prayer Plant in soil when the roots are at least an inch long, preferably longer. The Pothos are doing so beautifully in water however, that I am planning to just keep them there and enjoy their water-growth.

Click on an image for a description and larger view.

Pothos don’t need a lot of light and grow quickly. I don’t have a green thumb, but I haven’t killed a pothos yet, so I consider them to be a hearty plant and a good plant for starting an indoor-garden, or any container gardening – water or soil.

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